Process Application Expertise

Hydrometallurgical Sector

While there are conventional methods for carrying out various hydrometallurgical processes, K-Tech has focused on the application of its advanced separation know-how that results in a more cost effective approach to a number of applications. This allows for the use of lower-grade source materials, and/or the ability to economically compete at a smaller processing level, when compared to more conventional larger-scale (high capital) operations. Examples of these technologies include
the following:

Ammonium Thiosulfate (ATS) via Continuous Processing:

Process technology has been developed by K-Tech for the production of ammonium thiosulfate (ATS) using anhydrous ammonia and sulfur as the primary raw materials. In the process approach, molten sulfur is fed into a proprietary reaction system and combined with ammonia and various sulfur species to produce an ammonium thiosulfate product.

From an overall standpoint, the reaction can be illustrated as follows:

2 NH3 + SO2 + S + H2O → (NH4)2S2O3

The process is carried out in an aqueous environment and control of the reaction approach allows for the production a high quality ATS with minimal sulfate content. This is important from the standpoint of having a material that is ideal for high sulfur fertilizer products.

Compared to conventional methods, the K-Tech process allows for straightforward production of ATS with minimized environmental impact and sulfate concentration. There are no by-products associated with this system, and the approach allows for minimized maintenance costs.

Tantalum/Niobium Separation
and Recovery

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Rare Earths Recovery
and Separation

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Alumina Recovery from
Coal Fly Ash

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