K-Tech is a chemical process development and applications company serving the minerals and chemicals industries

K-Tech’s Core
Business Philosophy

Application and development of specific chemical processing technologies for individual Clients in a cooperative business relationship where the company participates with the Client in the development and/or application of the technology;

License its internally developed specialized technologies to chemical production companies for the recovery and purification of specific components that are present in their processing streams and which can have significant industrial value in their own right. In some cases they represent contaminants to the major products that such companies produce, or are carried in their products or waste streams at no extra or even negative value.

Founded in 1987, K-Technologies, Inc.
(“K-Tech” or the “Company”) specializes in the development of process technologies that require unique recovery and/or component separation demands, especially those related to continuous separation methodologies. These can be accomplished internally or in conjunction with its Clients.

In particular, the Company has focused on various separation processes involving continuous ion exchange, continuous chromatography and advanced sorption techniques as they apply to a variety of chemical and environmental applications. K-Tech also has extensive knowhow and experience related to various solvent extraction processes and methods, as well as knowledge of a variety of separation techniques as adjuncts to its core methodologies, e.g. reverse osmosis, distillation, crystallization, and the like.

K-Tech works with Clients in a confidential manner and will never disclose any information to others without the request or approval of the Client. We feel that these confidential arrangements allow for maximum freedom of interface with the Client and permit total Client control as to the manner in which they may want to disclose information to others.